Gravity & Uv Range Of Water Purifiers

KENT offers a range of low cost gravity based water purifiers called Kent Gold. It is the most efficient way to purify drinking water in rural areas where regular supply of electricity is a challenge. KENT also has a range of UV purifiers that uses a 11 watts UV lamp followed by Ultra Filtration (UF) technology to remove all suspended impurities, bacteria, bad taste, and colour to make water pure.


Home Water Softeners

Presence of excess calcium and magnesium in water makes it hard. Hard water leads to problems such as dry skin, hair loss, corrosion of bathroom fittings, lesser life of geyser element, roughening of cloth fibres on wash and many other such problems. KENT offers a range of Home Water Softeners to make hard water soft in homes and helps one to maintain good hair and good skin.

Make Water 100% Pure With

Next Gen

Kent RO technology


Drink pure, breathe pure eat pure and live pure

KENT, the most popular Healthcare brand in India, believes Purity is the greatest source and the safest route to a healthy life. With a wide range of state-the-art Healthcare products such Water Purifiers, Air Purifiers, Smart Chef Appliances and Vacuum Cleaners, KENT ensures that your family gets a disease free and healthier HOUSE OF PURITY.


RO Water Purifiers

KENT RO, the market leader in water purification, utilizes its patented multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control to remove dissolved impurities, bacteria & viruses to render 100% pure & natural mineral rich water. No better way than saying: “KENT Deta Hai Sabse Shuddh Pani”

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